Nap, anti-high temperature, how to sleep, pay attention to

Nap, anti-high temperature, how to sleep, pay attention to

Core Tip: Summer is long, white sleeps at night, and the temperature is high during the day. A proper nap can eliminate fatigue and maintain energy. However, many people have encountered the situation of sleeping more and less mentally. How long does it take to sleep in a nap?

Summer is long, the night is short, and the daytime temperature is high. A proper nap can eliminate fatigue and maintain energy. However, many people have encountered the situation of sleeping more and less mentally. How long does it take to sleep in a nap? The latest issue of the Journal of Nanjing Institute of Physical Education published a research result. By observing the changes of human brain waves and ocular waves during nap, the sleep structure during nap was studied to determine the appropriate duration of nap.

Why do you need a nap when you get hotter?

Yan Lin, a teacher at the School of Physical Education of Anhui University of Engineering, has long been engaged in research on athletes' naps. Since 2010, Yan Lin has conducted a phased study of the nap sleep structure. He selected 18 national first-class sprinters including a number of Jiangsu students as a control experiment. Each person was randomly tested for two days. I took a nap for 60 minutes a day and a nap for 90 minutes a day. Both groups recorded EEG and EEG during sleep. After nearly three years of systematic research, last month he wrote and completed the research article "EEG-based athletes nap sleep staging" and sent it to the Nanjing Institute of Physical Education.

Yan Lin told reporters that due to the circadian rhythm of hormone secretion, people's heart rate and blood pressure itself will rise at noon, plus a morning labor load, people will have a state of high nerve excitement just after noon. After noon, the effects of hormones disappeared, and people began to get tired. Therefore, people are most likely to be sleepy from one to two in the afternoon.

In the summer, the long nights are short, and the nighttime sleep time itself is shortened. The high temperature at noon will consume more energy and people will be more fatigued. On the surface of the study, compared with those who do not nap, the ability of auditory discrimination is significantly reduced, the logical reasoning ability and mathematics scores are significantly reduced, and the physical functions of physical strength and mental power are also reduced. At the same time, the afternoon is still a high-risk period of summer heatstroke. Nap has a good self-cultivation effect on the body and mind state and memory ability of the human body. In the summer, it is especially necessary to take a nap to restore physical fitness.

What is the difference between nap and night sleep?

Yan Lin found through investigation that almost all athletes will recover their physical strength with a short nap, but they can sleep differently, but they can have different effects on the functional state after waking up. Some athletes wake up and fight high, while some athletes Listless. Yan Lin told reporters that sleep can eliminate fatigue and restore physical strength, but some studies have found that the brain is not in an absolute state of silence during sleep, but is accompanied by continuous EEG activity. When people enter deep sleep, the brain will relax to the maximum extent, and people will dream during this period.

Yan Lin’s research found that, unlike nighttime sleep, there was no absolute deep sleep cycle in the short nap, and the electro-oculogram never responded.

What is the more sleepy and sleepy?

The degree of people falling asleep can be divided into four periods S1, S2, S3 and S4 from shallow to deep. Throughout the sleep process, the brain does not always maintain a certain state, but switches at regular intervals. After the nap begins, the person is first in the waking period, lasting about two minutes, and the eyes are still moving left and right. Then enter S1 sleep for about 5 minutes. After that, as sleep deepens into S2 sleep, there is generally no eye movement during which it lasts for about 22 minutes. Then enter deeper S3, S4 sleep, lasting about 20 minutes. Then I went back to the S2 sleep period, and when I was about 70 minutes, I went to the deeper S3 and S4 sleeps.

Many people think that the longer you sleep in a nap, the less likely people are to wake up. But Yan Lin believes that the situation cannot be generalized. Studies have shown that the deeper the sleep, the longer it takes to return to waking state. For example, when you take a nap to 40 minutes, you are in the S3 and S4 stages of deeper sleep. When you wake up suddenly, people will be confused. When you sleep for 50 minutes, you return to the shallower S2 stage. At this point, the nap will be easier to wake up. So as long as you master the sleep rhythm, sleep more and sleep less for 10 minutes, the sleep effect is completely different.

<br> <br> readings nap sleep 60 minutes to sleep 90 minutes to recover from fatigue care center

Therefore, if you want to wake up and compare your spirits, you should step on the "rhythm" of deep sleep and light sleep switching, and try to wake up in the shallow sleep stage. The experiment found that sleeping for 60 minutes and sleeping for 90 minutes was awakened, which can improve the function of the brain, and the refreshing effect is also very good. In the subdivision, if you sleep for 60 minutes, the body's reaction ability and exercise capacity will be restored, and the supplement effect on physical fitness is best. The longer the sleep time after this, the more obvious the effect of lowering the heart rate and lowering the blood pressure. Sleeping for 90 minutes is better for the cardiovascular system.

Not enough time 10-30 minutes, nap is not bad

Yan Lin told reporters that some experts have studied the sustained effect of siesta at different durations within 60 minutes. The experimental results show that it is better to wake up from a deep sleep state compared to sleeping for 50 minutes. Because at this time, people have not entered the deep sleep period of S3 and S4, can avoid the "confusing" caused by "sleep inertia", and can restore physical strength to the maximum, so for those who have less time nap, 10-30 minutes is very good. time.

It is best to sleep after 15-20 minutes after lunch.

Need to be reminded that it is not appropriate to sleep immediately after lunch, it is best to sleep about 15-20 minutes. It is best not to sleep on the table, otherwise the time will compress the nerves and blood vessels. If the noon time is more abundant, it is best to find a place where you can lie down, cover something on your body, and take a nap. If you can't fall asleep at the moment, you should also close your eyes, concentrate your energy on your breathing, and slow down your breathing rhythm to help you fall asleep as soon as possible.

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