Teach you to identify what kind of jade is the most valuable?

Teach you to identify what kind of jade is the most valuable?

1 color

Identification of jade must first look at the color, whether the color of jade is pure or not, and the difference between the shade and the color, including the growth form of "green", is a place to pay attention to.


2 water head

The so-called head is the range of refraction of jade. The jade's water head is more, the better the quality, the softer and more translucent it looks. The water head is also an indispensable point for identifying jade.

3 endoplasm

Look at the internal quality of jade, one is to look at the amount of impurities in the jade, whether it is transparent, the general impurities are as small as possible. The second is to look at the "mian" and "flower" of the jade crack.


The real best jade is full of millions of dollars, so what kind of jade can be called the best jade?

4 Ice King Green


The ultimate ice and domineering green, the ultimate clear as a cold pool. This kind of ice emperor green jade color is even and full, and it looks like ice. And the water is well planted, and naturally it can sell for a high price. This kind of jade is rare and rare, and the price is even hundreds of millions.

5 old pit glass


The ice-like jadeite is extraordinary and has the temperament of the emperor. The old pit glass species jadeite is like the queen of the mother-in-law, and has the glory of the phoenix among the people. The glass head is extremely full, and the green is clean and transparent, and no impurities are found.

6 old pit glass species floating flower jade


The old pit glass kind of floating jade and the old pit glass kind of jade is like a pair of sisters, just like the size of the week, the sisters and grandfathers are the masters of the world; the sister is bright and charming and pretty noble. The floating flower jade adds a bit of feminine beauty, while at the same time it is pure and clean with the old pit glass.

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