BRIOLETTE fashion for women as bright as diamonds

BRIOLETTE fashion for women as bright as diamonds

Founded in 1973, AfasiaGroup has become a world leader in the fashion industry with over 40 years of experience and is renowned in the knitwear industry. Asia and Africa as the production base of Asia and Africa, while Europe as a sales base, sales network across Europe, Northern Europe and southern Europe, and radiation North and South America, business covers spinning, dyeing, weaving, import and export trade, wholesale and retail , With the international brand vision and the forefront of fashion information. After in-depth understanding and examine the company from French high-fashion women's brand BRIOLETTE the introduction of Chinese in the country to develop self-agent to join the network.


BRIOLETTE drilling odd brand women's products

BRIOLETTE was named after a disruptive diamond cutting technique. Diamond is noble and long-lasting, but the beauty and value of the diamond is totally determined by how the craftsman cut it. BRIOLETTE cutting technique is different from the traditional cutting-edge diamond cutting in three dimensions, making full use of each angle of the diamond Into the shape of a drop of water, the dazzling form of the perfect light, so in the seventeenth century after the introduction of Europe, immediately shocked the entire jewelry industry as well as gentleman ladies of the upper class.

Born in France BRIOLETTE fashion brand by this concept art driven, innovation and the pursuit of perfection into the design, three-dimensional design and three-dimensional cut, carefully crafted every aspect of clothing, sufficient to show women at different levels, different angles The beautiful, so that everyone wearing BRIOLETTE fashion are diamond-like, from any angle are dazzling, radiant.

BRIOLETTE brand emphasis on originality, the pursuit of unique, innovative, intended to create a three-dimensional sense of focus on color and tailoring changes, but to maintain simplicity, unconventional to all kinds of different women's beauty, in a stylish and elegant appearance. Layers located in an independent, attention to individuality, the pursuit of beauty, focus on personal taste, do not want to drift with the fashion lady.

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