Forum operation before the setting

Forum operation before the setting

[China Glass Network] We are here today to discuss how to operate the forum on the front, set up in the early stage.

1: The layout of the section should be less at the beginning, should be fine

Many webmasters who have not run forums, especially the new webmasters, mostly like to build a website into a large and comprehensive form. Everything is there, but nothing is important. This is more in the forum. Deadly, think about a new forum section that is so few dozens that visitors can't find any focus. Is there a prospect for such a forum? There is definitely no, so we should not have too many sections when we start operations, just keep a few The focus is on the visitors who are interested in participating, which not only makes visitors come to the forum without confusion, but also finds common topics. Here are a few tips for the layout of the section to tell everyone.

a: The layout of the forum should not be messy. In the early stage of the forum operation, we should concentrate on the superior strength and let the visitors have battle positions.

b: The irrigation section is as small as possible, because these are the behaviors that allow visitors to browse only and do not participate.

c: Too many sections are easy to distract the popularity of the forum. Originally, there is no popularity in the new forum. Once the number of participants is scattered, the popularity of the forum is even more deserted.

2: To set the permission level
Permission is a good way for us to operate the forum. Why do you say this? Because the permissions are set, there is an idea to let the members upgrade. To upgrade to obtain higher permissions, it is necessary to post, reply, etc., and the forum is improved. Popularity, then what should you pay attention to when setting permissions?

a: The permissions should be set gradually. Starting from the new registration of the visitors, you can follow the step-by-step process of browsing pictures, participating in hot topics, downloading attachments, etc., so that members can go deeper and step by step.

b: Permissions can be restricted by the ability to sign, length of signature, download of attachments, etc., so that members can work hard in the forum to achieve their own needs.

c: Permissions have the ability to distinguish between tourists and members. This is well reflected in the current major forum procedures, especially browsing pictures and downloading attachments. We can attract people through member albums, but tourists You can't browse the image, guide the registration, and guide the visitor-registration-participation-active process by replying to the permission settings for viewing the image.

3: Set a reasonable financial system and promote consumption

The forum is a small community. The small community is like a society. In this society, the financial system is very important. Is there a stable and sound monetary base, especially for the forum? It is a more critical place. Therefore, we must set up a reasonable financial system. What is more important is that these virtual currencies can be “consumed”. The combination of consumption and value can realize the good operation of the forum. So what are the ways to make the forum financially sound and promote consumption?

a: Set the income and expenditure of “currency” so that the member's finances will always be at a moderate level, so that members have the motivation to get more “money” hard work, and not everyone is not spending power. stage.

b: A good monetary base is one of the boosts of the benign operation of the forum. We must set up the channels and ratios for obtaining and consuming currencies.

c: Let the content required by the member be realized by currency, which will stimulate the member's motivation to obtain money and the speed of currency circulation and consumption.

Some other content about the forum's previous settings. Is the forum set up just to do these things well? Of course not, we have other methods to pay attention to. Let's take a look at the other details of the Yongzhou Forum. Set:

1: The layout of the new forum should not be too fancy

Nowadays, we will pay attention to the era of “portal”. Many new forums will open the door without any content and popularity. This makes members feel that the process is very troublesome and there is not much content to watch, so we should not be too fancy. The key is to let visitors find the content and sections they need in the past.

2: Template settings to make visitors credible

Because the forum's program download is very convenient, many people have come up with the idea. After downloading the program and installing it, a forum is thought to be made. In fact, we should modify the template according to the content of our forum, which is in line with the theme of our forum. Make customers more credible.

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