Andersen children's world children's clothing "1 + N" model continued wealth fairy tale

Andersen children's world children's clothing "1 + N" model continued wealth fairy tale

European international classic wave, Andersen children's world to lead the Chinese children's cultural industry market! 1 + N Innovation and Profitability Model, Andersen's Children's World ANDERSEN- Modern Fairy Tale Fortune Splendid! Andersen fairy tale children's clothing "1 + N" profit model advantages: 1, take full advantage of the parent-Andersen culture world-class influence, directly grafted onto the Andersen brand, favorable investment and attracting generations influenced by Andersen's fairy tale. 2, greatly enhance profitability. Andersen's fairy tale name of the various categories, can cover all children's products. 3, ability to adapt greatly increased. Children's stationery can be as large as the industry, as small as a store. 4, unlimited space for development. Can be made into Andersen children's stationery industry, the children's stationery catch all. 5, Andersen's world-class memorial and other acts, will continue to endorse the Andersen brand, continue to strengthen Andersen in the hearts of people in the world. 6, Chinese consumers' attitudes towards the consumption of international brands and the "truth, goodness and beauty" advocated by Andersen are positive, progressive and beautiful to people, and are very beneficial to the development of Andersen brand. 7, Andersen children's clothing "1 + N" profit model "intimate partner Outlets" will provide absolute protection for the Andersen brand "zero inventory". Andersen fairy tale children's clothing "1 + N" profit model of "intimate partner" Outlets: 1, intimate partner Tong Tao Outlets, is Andersen's brand to provide "solution to inventory" service is to ensure Andersen brand agent Business, retailers absolute profit "sewer" project. 2. At the same time, it is another channel management model that can independently undertake other sewer services including other brands. 3, Andersen brand agents, retailers another way to make money.


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