Party dresses make you an annual Party Queen

Party dresses make you an annual Party Queen

Ben Wang, January 2 hearing, is it possible for you to attend the party of various annual parties? Are you wondering what you can wear in order to become the first person to transform into Party Queen? No need to worry, a gorgeous and elegant One Piece party dress can be easily settled. Any dinner occasion. In fact, only a skirt is needed for the limelight.

Gold dress is absolutely suitable for female students

Bright but golden, want to choose the gold without hesitation in the limelight at the annual meeting! Elie Saab's gold dress (right, $7,861, equivalent to 49,064 yuan) is quite clamorous after the gas field, absolutely For girls in the elder sister category, immediately after wearing the gas field increased by 200%. Rag and Bone's gold A-line dress (pictured in the picture, 962 pounds, equivalent to 9681 yuan) is for cute temperament girls, beaming and cute. If you are an elegant girl, Bottega Veneta is your best choice (left, 1600 euros, equivalent to 15,101 yuan), with black handbags and high heels, gold can also let you wear unexpected restrained and elegant.

Intense red is the first choice for dress up

The rich red color often gives people a visual sensation of warmth. The annual debut, rich red is the first choice, not only eye-catching but also foreshadowing the new year is booming, it is more appropriate! Valentino's half-red lace dress ( Left, 2490 Euros, equivalent to 20,331 Yuan. Because of the embellishment of the red bowtie, elegant with a hint of playfulness, and then with red high heels, absolutely turned the audience focus. Givenchy's red A sub-dress ($2066, equivalent to RMB12,887) and Antonio Berardi's lace-sleeve dress (right, £1311, equivalent to RMB 11,160) are simple and elegant, suitable for black accessories, even when worn during the day, take a small suit outside. Or coat, work can not be excessive.

Quiet dark green always gives people a sense of calm and calm

Quiet dark green always gives people a sense of introversion and calmness, and its innate retro temperament also makes everyone enamored. Alexander McQueen dark green velvet tight dress (pictured on the left, £ 935, equivalent to RMB 9427), low-profile simplicity of the skirt body visible embroidery, highlights the extraordinary taste. And Valentino this lace dress (central map, 3,440 pounds, equivalent to 34,686 yuan), a large area of ​​lace in the dark green under no cheesy, elegant and charming. Balmain's bandeau miniskirt (pictured at the right, $5,637, equivalent to RMB 35,208) will be extremely sexy and step on a pair of arrogant and hateful days, which will definitely attract the audience!

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