Ice Long baby children's fashion taste the international trend

Ice Long baby children's fashion taste the international trend

Beijing Ice Longwa Clothing Co., Ltd is the well-known children's fashion down jacket business, with a number of top suppliers, there are currently two independent brands. Bing Lv Wa, Tong Xin Yuan windmill under the Ice Longwa company's retail business groups, the goal is to provide customers with great value for money experience, advocating a new way of children's clothing. In order to cultivate a high-grade fashion sense, high aesthetic, international, strong sense of artistic new generation and work hard! Products not only have the taste of fashion, but also with the international trend of synchronization, and is affordable from the noble. Ice Longwa company as its strong support for the two brands, with excellent team of designers, raw materials procurement base, production and processing and sales team. Through the integration of the right industry chain, to master the quality of all aspects, for customers into the first-class fashion sense and design sense of the quality of children's fashion down products. "Childhood should know fashion, to understand the aesthetic" is the core concept and the goal of pursuit! In the next few years will continue to introduce better products and ideas, give our customers more and better choices.

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