"YJ" fashion brand adhering to the simple fashion style

"YJ" fashion brand adhering to the simple fashion style

" YJ " fashion brand adhering to the simple fashion, the perfect quality of the modern urban style, to focus on the quality of life you carefully crafted. Highlight the dedication of women to self, the pursuit of self-realization.


Design Concept Each piece of clothing embodies our intentions, from the lines, colors, fabrics, details are carefully designed to deeply understand the characteristics of mature women change the body, highlighting the beauty of the female curve, so you glow young and beautiful. Give a clear message, I love my life.

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Issued by: Shenzhen Yongjun Fashion Co., Ltd. Address: Nanshan District, Shenzhen Nanyou Avenue Dengliang Road 23, Hanjing Building, 13E
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Merchants Website: http://lady.ef43.com.cn/zhuanti/4679/
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Product Type:
 Microfiber Custom Travel Promotion sports Beach Towel
100 % polyester or 80% polyester 20% polyamide
Color :
coffee,white,blue,red,grey,yellow,orange,green,brown,pink,,black, purple etc
Logo :
1.Imprinted logo 2. Embroidered 3.Jacquard/embossed logo
Eco-Friendly, Water Soluble, Other
Ideal for travel, gym,sport,beach, bath and more
Size :
Advantages:(1) Easy to wash without detergent

(2) Super Soft, Super absorbent, quickdry

(3) Clean and protect delicate surfaces 

(4) lightweight and compact

(5) Ideal for travel, gym, running, hiking, pool, and more

(6) Remove visible and invisible dirt without any scratch

(7) No bad odors

Suede Towel

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