SKAP 2012 spring and summer new Saint-Michel footsteps

SKAP 2012 spring and summer new Saint-Michel footsteps

Walking in the Mont Saint-Michel, feel the warmth and comfort of the sun, an inexplicable sense of comfort arises spontaneously; city elites are willing to enjoy the pleasure of hiking, feet on the pair of Saint-Michel (Saint-Michel) Men's casual sandals, with you take the light footsteps, rushed to SKAP (Saint gamma step) 2012 spring and summer men's refreshing journey. Accustomed to seeing the geometric structure of the city, trying to change the mood to face life, travel seems to be the best choice; to the foot of the famous Mont Saint-Michel, along the mottled patchwork of quartzite, both sides Lush Indus everywhere, and occasionally will find some restaurants and shops, packed in the roadside everything seems to be organized; this casual and comfortable you have a feeling of comfort, it is no wonder, SKAP How can not this footsteps as this! Of course, you do not have to worry about the rugged terrain in the mountains, you can get rid of the concerns of Saint-Michel men's sandals, and the shoe traction performance is also good Performance, ease of handling a variety of road conditions, taken every step seems to be so comfortable to the sole massage, so you really appreciate the fresh and vibrant walking experience. Go deep and skip the shores of the coastline. As the SKAP walks quietly forward, find a moody bound, stop for a cup of coffee, listen to music and chat. Or enjoy street food, while authentic food, although this is not a romantic thing, but you unconsciously, understand what is life.

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