Premium turquoise price comparable to gold 200 yuan per gram

Premium turquoise price comparable to gold 200 yuan per gram

Premium turquoise price comparable to gold 200 yuan per gram According to He Junqiang, owner of the Xudong Antique City Pines Court, compared with traditional Hetian jade and jadeite jade, the turquoise collection is relatively small. In recent years, Turquoise has received increasing attention. In May this year, the Turquoise Chamber of Commerce in Hubei was established and the turquoise market began to heat up. Turquoise this year's price reached 200 yuan per gram, and in previous years the price was about 80 to 100 yuan per gram, a rise of 130%. Moreover, due to the tight supply of “new goods”, the old “Old Turquoise” on the market was favored.

It is understood that turquoise is named for its color and green pinecones. It is one of the rare precious stones in the world. It is one of the four famous jades of jade, and it is a high-quality jade material. It was called the heavenly nation's gem during the Qing Dynasty in China. As a lucky and happy holy thing.

At present, the turquoise market in China is relatively confusing. There are many artificial turquoises on the market. Many of these synthetic turquoises are used for jewelry and apparel processing, and some are made of beads, hand pieces, pendants, ornaments, etc. Turquoise is for sale and the price is very cheap. Compared with the turquoise produced in Hubei and other places in China, these synthetic turquoises are bluish in color and are dyed with stones.

Experts from Hubei Province's master of arts and crafts, Turquoise Experts pointed out that compared with Hetian jade, Jade, jade, etc., the increase in turquoise is still very slow, and it has not been spurred by hot money, and the value is still low. You can choose a beautifully carved, old turquoise.

Zhushan is a famous turquoise producing country in China and its reserves account for 70% of the country's total. The picture shows a mechanic at Zhushan International Greenstone City is meticulously crafting turquoise.

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