Cartier 25 Museum Collections Salute History

Cartier 25 Museum Collections Salute History

In 165 years, Cartier won the reputation of "the emperor's jeweler, the jeweler's emperor"; in 24 years, the "Cartier Collection" jewelry art exhibition conquered the world's 25 top museums! From the past to the future, Cartier is still expanding the "Cartier Collection" which has 1,450 pieces of fine art, because Cartier believes that his actions are to preserve the classics and pay tribute to history.

25 museum legends around the world

25 museum legends around the world

In 2009, the Cartier Treasure Art Exhibition was grandly held at the Palace Museum in Beijing. This is the first time the Palace Museum has opened its doors to jewelers. At that time, the exhibition entitled "Cartier, Emperor's Jeweler" attracted more than 230,000 visitors, and it occupied the headlines of many newspapers.

If you think this should be an unprecedented part of Cartier, then you are very wrong! In fact, as early as 1989, it set sail for the first stop of the Cartier Collection from the Cartier Art Exhibition held at the Little Palace Museum in Paris. In just 24 years, the Cartier Collection Tour has been held 25 times in succession. The world's top museums.

In the future, the legendary Cartier Collection Tour will continue. With a beautiful vision of inheriting historical classics, more people will appreciate the 165-year history of Cartier and witness the brilliant trajectory of the world's jewelry culture.

The heritage of Cartier's collection

What makes the world's top museums warmly welcome Cartier's arrival? In fact, the "Cartier Collection", founded in 1983, is the real reason for attracting them.

Each of the Cartier Collections has been carefully selected by Cartier through private collectors, exchanges and auctions, bringing together collections of jewellery from the 1860s to the late 1990s, including 17 "mysterious" clocks. .

The Cartier Collection has now reached 1,450 works and is still expanding. They not only witnessed Cartier's 165-year history of jewellery, but more broadly, the history of decorative art since the end of the 19th century, and these are the most precious cultural treasures of mankind.

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