Female lingerie health preferred - beauty poetry brand underwear

Female lingerie health preferred - beauty poetry brand underwear

For female friends, the most important thing is health, only health can be beautiful. In recent years, more and more women have been harmed by various breast diseases, not only losing their health but also destroying their beauty. Beauty Poetry Brand underwear is a new generation of plant skin care underwear, pure natural plant fiber manufacturing, more healthy and comfortable. Beauty poetry brand underwear not only work hard on raw materials, production process is also strictly abide by the relevant international standards, which ensures the beauty poetry brand underwear from any pollution, chemical composition, will not cause any harm to the skin, and Pure natural plant fiber has a deep nourishing the role of the skin, it can be seen, beauty poetry brand underwear, is a woman's health friend choice.

Belle poetry underwear business culture and underwear chain management mode of the various advantages of the perfect blend of commitment to "care for women beautiful and healthy, let love spread all over the world" as the company's mission, combined with its own strong brand advantage, underwear, Underwear, thermal underwear, underwear, swimwear, home clothes, boxed pants, multi-product, multi-style product structure greatly enhance the franchisee's right to operate independently. Beauty poetry underwear with its excellent quality, stylish design, caring prices, quality service times vast number of consumers accept and praise, the best-selling products, exported to Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao and overseas markets.

Founded in 2005, Guangzhou Beauty Poetry Lingerie Co., Ltd. is a modern large-scale underwear brand franchising chain specializing in research, development and operation of underwear. The main products are bras, men's and women's underwear, home wear, socks, warm clothing, Body underwear, swimwear and other seven major products. The company has always been committed to fine management, to create sophisticated brands, through the year of direct marketing practice we already have a chain of replication capabilities to ensure that customers get stable in the short term, in the third-line mass consumer store in the actual effectiveness of a single store can be directly comparable to or even beyond Old brand.

Now, our current investment opportunities in poetry and lingerie is your chance to grasp the huge market, the dual benefits of wealth opportunities ah. Belle poetry underwear affiliate programs in all aspects of eclectic! Here we can get the wealth of business most vividly demonstrated. Of course! Beauty poetry underwear can make you a step by step success! Beauty poetry underwear beauty poetry underwear for franchisees to enjoy the huge wealth of temptation, worry-free entrepreneurship; beauty poetry underwear to join the world wealth, the blank market, high-quality projects fast!


Our designers will make the sketches of the items strictly, carefully before cutting; according to all the requirements that customers provided. The client has the final word of choosing color palettes, garments, styles, and logo. Moreover, our designers are willing to listen and communicate or even offer some ideas in the process of designing.
Step 2
Cutting & Modification
once the design is finalized, the cutting of sample items is started by our expert cutters. As per the design specifications, our cutters examine, adjust and correct if it is needed. After a few rounds of refinement, we bring out the perfect item sample for the clients to investigate.
Step 3
Once the samples are confirmed by the customers, we start the process of producing. All our tailors are skilled and highly trained for producing the exact items that follow the standards and requirements.
Step 4


All the items are placed in PE bags in carton boxes tidily after ironing. (We also can pack clothes as customer's request)
step 5


The delivery method is decided by the customers.
The forwarder is either chosen by the customers or we will find the most reliable one we can possibly find after the customers pay the delivery fee in advance.

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