Underwear Promotions Success Story Bess Fillet intentions for you want more

Underwear Promotions Success Story Bess Fillet intentions for you want more

To open a lingerie shop, whether it is to maintain the business is booming situation, or to break the dilemma of business downturn, or to deal with the inventory of shops, the appropriate promotion is necessary. Promotions can bring immediate benefits, attractive promotions can deepen the feelings of the underwear shop and customers, closer distance, but also as a mobile advertising, underwear brand building is very meaningful.


A successful sales promotion, customer intervention alone is not enough. Under the new economic forms of promotional variety, how can really improve sales invisible, rather than just let a group of people stop watch? Attract customers to participate, can really arouse consumer interest, achieved good results?

内衣促销成功案例 贝丝菲格用心为您想更多

Ms. Xu Anhong from Wenzhou City, under the guidance of Ms. Chen Liming, supervising the company's regional head office, targeted the target consumers through information dissemination and WeChat promotion on the pre-sale content and interest induction of the target consumers. Before the promotion, we must do all the preparations, from stocking to staffing arrangements, to be the best in all aspects, both in the store or outside the store, you need to create a promotional, lively atmosphere! We have to fight a prepared war, through our joint efforts during the performance of about 5 times, breaking the usual daily sales day sales reached 5,000 yuan! Ms. Xu told us that she runs Bessofig for one year, but she is very confident through her customer service attitude, the quality assurance of Bess Finch and the careful management of the store. Wenzhou market bigger and stronger!

This time for the development and development of Wenzhou market, the company leaders attach great importance to the operation of director Deng personally visited Jiangsu and Zhejiang markets, understand the industry trends and market development, and personally guide the shop to speed up the influence of Beth Fitzgerald in Wenzhou, and Xu Ms. successful transformation of a clothing store into a Bessie Feige store, Ms. Xu became the second branch! We are convinced that: there will be gains to pay! I believe the future of Wenzhou market will be more beautiful!

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