Famen children traceless underwear: not only choose the right election

Famen children traceless underwear: not only choose the right election

In Europe, the underwear market is divided into regular underwear, Seamless underwear two categories, including Seamless underwear, with its three major characteristics "comfortable, natural, healthy", by the likes of fashion mature women suffer, become European and American women's underwear Kitchen indispensable love. Currently, traceless underwear in the European and American markets accounted for up to 35%, and the market share is still rising year by year! In the domestic traceless underwear market share of less than 5%, Is it not suitable for Chinese seamless underwear? Is China's consumption is always outbreaks of wealth: only expensive, do not buy right !

法曼儿无痕内衣:不选贵的 只选对的

There are four reasons for this:

First, because the Seamless underwear focused on the store counter sales, shopping malls higher marketing costs, resulting in Seamless underwear retail price is also high, an ordinary Seamless underwear retail prices are $ 500 or more. For the public pursuit of comfort women, Seamless underwear high prices and few song.

Second, due Seamless underwear research and development, production of high technology hardware into a larger, generally do not have the strength of lingerie brands and manufacturers are excluded from access threshold. Including many mainstream brands would not easily enter the market in the country have the ability to research and development and production of non-mark underwear brand and business is also rare (currently the real ability of the company to produce Seamless underwear off with Laina Li as the representative, Have at least ten years of seamless underwear production experience). Therefore, this type of product on the market promotion is also less, only natural sales in shopping malls of the cabinet.

Third, traceless underwear originated in Europe and the United States, due to the overall size of European and American women tall, plump, the pursuit of comfort, natural, and traceless underwear brand sales counters in the mall is basically dominated by European and American style, excessive pursuit of natural, Seamless underwear lead to a single color, single category, lack of sexy, not suitable for Asian women wearing a size, also affected the promotion Seamless underwear in the domestic market. Chinese-style fetish in the traceless underwear is not feasible!

Fourth, due to the characteristics of traceless underwear their products, the appearance of elegant simple, natural and smooth, many consumers do not understand the functional characteristics of seamless underwear, mistakenly believe that the cost of seamless underwear, the price is naturally lower than conventional underwear. In fact, the same appearance of underwear, no trace of the cost of the cup is much higher than the ordinary cup. To some extent, these errors also affect the promotion of traceless underwear, which is one of the reasons that traceless underwear can only be shrunk in counter sales in provincial and municipal markets, because women who frequently visit shopping malls often know more and know no trace the more of excellent underwear, know how to make the right choices for their own health.

Through the above analysis is not difficult to see that source is no trace of underwear European and American domestic reasons "acclimatization", not the market is not demand, but the product did not meet market demand.

法曼儿无痕内衣:不选贵的 只选对的

And no trace no rims Farman children of adjustable bra is issued to a new functional bra medicine, aesthetics, fat science, ergonomics and professional underwear design based on research, it is possible to adjust the shape of the breast, improve sagging breasts focus, fixed fat, but also righting the spine to a certain extent, the correction of posture, both to correct breast shape, increased stature beauty. Have a well-proportioned chest shape is not only for women sexy elegance plus points, but also to ensure body balance, bone normal development. If the shape of the breast is not symmetrical, the size is not normal, it will affect the healthy development of bone, causing some pressure on the body. At the same time, women in life work, due to the role of gravity, marriage and childbirth , rapid weight loss, wrong underwear and other reasons, but also easily lead to malaise relaxation, external expansion, furs and other issues. At this time, a section of Seamless no rims comfortable adjustable bra is essential.

With the improvement of living standards, enhancing cognitive ability, female aesthetic taste of the increase, demand for underwear by a single body of sense, enhance functionality, comfort, health, triple, and this is the only development trend of underwear! For this reason, the leading lingerie brand has launched a Farman children Seamless underwear by virtue of their "comfortable, natural, healthy," the three major characteristics, and become the underwear industry in a new round of wealth in the spring! Seamless underwear will be the new blue ocean in underwear market! New wealth, new career! Who should act, who will be one step ahead.

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