Long paragraph with light down jacket white down jacket

Long paragraph with light down jacket white down jacket

Winter look at other people feel down jacket to feel warm, or wearing a puff will feel warm, but this is a visual effect, you can also wear a down jacket can also be warm, but also stylish, pure women's 2015 autumn and winter new With clothing, winter light-colored down jacket will not be too good take it? But Xiao Bian today to teach you how to match, pure white and gray women's down jacket with two styles.

纯粹 - simtly

White long down jacket with a light down jacket in the winter role is relatively large, that is not very bloated and was bloated, pure white long paragraph white loose jacket is also a white cotton dress, pure white looks fairy, although Fairy Wear may only be reflected in the summer, but autumn and winter can also make you Xianqi purely.

长款轻羽绒服搭配 白色羽绒服搭配

Gray long paragraph down jacket with this gray partial white down jacket style more suitable for the skin white girl to wear, and a sense of high sense of fullness, pure color of the more simple color of the system, which is also take the gray department of the lower body with leggings that But, warm and very elegant, Sen Department of winter wear is so simple and generous.

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