Jiangnan others women's "golden mean" marketing success

Jiangnan others women's "golden mean" marketing success

Jiangnan people in recent years, the application of market segmentation strategy is more successful one of the women's brands , women's consumers pay attention to the decent and beautiful clothes, but the traditional concept of dress and body restrictions that will block them in fashion and fashion brands, The secret to the success of the Jiangnan women's home lies in solving the problem of dressing and aesthetics for the consumers that satisfy all age groups to the maximum extent possible. In China's women's market, Jiangnan people's womens wear to the "golden mean" as the brand connotation, style and more than good, the color of flowers without whistle, the price is high and inexpensive, tailoring and not tight, completely aligned The backbone of these consumer "appetite." Persistent perseverance received a dedicated support, with its largest consumer groups target market positioning in the domestic discount discounts to occupy a place. Jiangnan women will be a large number of loyal customers to solicit around them, a fixed source of consumer support from its market position, no matter how harsh the market environment, the customer the same support for its shelter. Jiangnan people an important reason for brand success is the choice of market segmentation strategy properly, most of the brand positioning in young people who Jiangnan people targeting the middle-aged white-collar workers in this backbone of the market, the discount in the domestic brand of women's sales among the best .

江南人家女装 “中庸之道”营销成功之道

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