Let the customer meet your four big moves

Let the customer meet your four big moves

[China Glass Network] Sales staff When you visit customers, how can you let your customers know you at a glance? You want the customer to buy you and buy your product. What should you do to let your customers accept you?

Front: Dressing etiquette essentials: clean and tidy, neither learning the dress style nor dressing style of the Academy

Male sales: white shirt (note the neckline and cuffs are clean, hot and flat) tie (the lower end does not exceed the position of the belt buckle as the standard, the color is selected, not too dark or too bright, dark) suit (pocket is not easy to put things) ;

Female sales: Jewelry should not be worn too much, it should not be too gorgeous to wear, it is easy to cause customers to swear; try to avoid vests and shorts, otherwise many people will be inefficient in one day; it is not suitable for jeans, sportswear or game clothing.

Second: express etiquette

Essentials: No one can speak by nature, at least 20 times more than the following principles.

1, the tone is moderate, the speed of speech is moderate, the expression should be enthusiastic, the tone is full of confidence, and avoid making mistakes, such as "ten" and "four" to avoid making a big mistake.

2, personal cultivation is related to listening, try to keep eye contact with each other while listening, plus body language, such as nodding, shaking his head, pity and other responses so that the other party feels that you listen carefully, take notes when appropriate, capture the meaning of the words, appropriate Humorous, funny, can make some jokes, but pay attention to the size.

Third: physical etiquette

Essentials: embody humility and easygoing, but not frivolous.

Handshake: In the winter, shake hands and pick up gloves. If the other party is a woman or a VIP, the other party will reach out and the other party will not reach out. They should nod or bow to the other party to show their respect.

Conversation gesture: Speaking of yourself not using your own nose, and applying the palm of your hand to the chest; when talking about others, you can't use your fingers; when you first see a new customer, avoid scratching your hair, playing with accessories, rubbing your nose, picking your teeth, Raise your wrist to look at the watch, and when you are happy, pull the sleeves and other rude gestures.

Standing posture: head straight, neck straight, eyes straight ahead, chest, arms naturally drooping, heel slightly separated.

Sitting position: the back is bent, the head stretches too far down, shrugs shoulders, sits on the chair, frequently shakes the legs when the legs are curled up, the feet are forked or the figure is eight-shaped: the feet are crossed; the shoes are half off; the feet are on the ground. When you go to sit and sit in your hands, you are constantly playing with things, all of which are bad sitting postures.

Eyes: When talking to a stranger for the first time, it is more comfortable to look at the other's nose. It is not too long to look directly at the other person's eyes.

Mouth: Try to talk as little as possible and pout. When standing, sitting or shaking hands, the mouth can be slightly closed, do not expose the teeth, if you can keep smiling, it is more perfect.

Fourth: visit etiquette

Essentials: If you go to an interview or visit a customer, you must not only be prepared, but also pay attention to the details:

1. Contact before visiting.

2. The business card and required information are prepared first.

3, you can mute the phone.

4, before entering the customer's office, first organize the clothing appearance. Gently knock on the door with your hand and introduce or nod your head after entering the house. Wait for the host to arrange and sit down.

5, pay attention to control time, if the customer shows that there are other things, do not delay, if the work is not completed, you can about the next time.

6. It should be polite when visiting. When you leave, you must say goodbye to the host and other guests, saying "goodbye" and "thank you"; when the host sends it, he should say "please return", "stay back", "goodbye".

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