MOFAN first micro-film "love, on the road" officially boot

MOFAN first micro-film "love, on the road" officially boot

On October 28, 2013, MOFAN's first microfilm, "Love on the Road," officially started at 302 Hushu South Road.


MOFAN's first microfilm, "Love, on the Way," clues to "chase love", interspersed with modern urban landscape and fresh and natural scenery, using beautiful and smooth lens, tells the story of urban women longing for love and the courage to pursue their own happiness through the exciting plot The beautiful state, MOFAN dress as a key factor to undertake the plot and character, assume the heavy responsibility of series story.


As the film portrays: time flies, the real pinch in the palm of your hand is very short; love does not work alone, more determined to retain the eternal dedication.

MOFAN is such a love of women's clothing, quietly witnessed all the beautiful women experienced fashion screen.



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