Wal-Mart + GE mode - Nuoqi "consumer" marketing

Wal-Mart + GE mode - Nuoqi "consumer" marketing

China Academy of Policy Sciences, vice president of China Development Strategy Research Association, "Haier Research" Task Force Leader - Professor Guan Yi Xin Since the reform and opening up, especially since 92 Xiaoping Nanping speech, China's market economy development experience After the seller's market after market has been transitioned to the buyer's market after another, the concept of "channel is king" began to be formed and established throughout the industry. Especially in business hegemony, the United States, Suning, how to repeatedly most appliance companies "uniforms" the reality, but also to make the industry deeply understand that "those who have access to the world." This is a fact, and its deeper reason is that with the declining market position of enterprises, customers are increasingly becoming the center of leading micro-trading and operation. In order to survive and develop, companies from the initial process of reengineering and then embarked on the entire model of innovation. One of its focuses is that manufacturers try their best to win the "natural advantages" of retailers and strive to combine their own business mechanisms that embrace consumers directly. As a result, some of the most avant-garde business models began to emerge in the land of China. For example, the fashion industry Nuoqi + Wal-Mart GE model can be called one of the classic. First, the non-donkey non-horse: Wal-Mart + GE model They still insist on manufacturing, but also create their own retail channels, the direct docking of the customer's supply chain terminal as the operation of the entire engine. Do not you see, in the second half of 2007, Ports, one of the leading apparel companies, extended its reach to department stores and acquired the first high-end department store in Beijing - Dorset Mall. Another leading company in Shanshan, In October announced a massive move into the retail industry. And this article should also be emphasized that in recent years, Nuoqi with SPA (own-brand clothing retailers professional) model and the original "parity, popularity, diversity" of the PFM business philosophy, proud of establishing domestic enterprises tide of innovation, And with the rapid expansion of the brand offensive and the steady progress of the listing process, the company has gradually become the leading apparel manufacturer and retailer in China. Second, the model revolution: marketing change "elimination" management master Drucker said: business efficiency center is not within the enterprise, but outside the enterprise; business is the only center of efficiency is the customer. In today's China, entrepreneurs who deeply recognize this wisdom in practice have all changed the traditional "marketing" mode to "cancellation" (fee) mode. Reality teaches people repeatedly, in the customer-oriented customer economy, if a company does not directly grasp the customer, can not directly connect with the consumer lifestyle, all so-called business operations must be futile. If companies do not press on a retail engine, will be deep "Red Sea" tragedy until the complete demise. Yang Mianmian, president of Haier, teaches employees how to make camp "sales" into camp "consumer". The Noci people practice, that is, marketing, "elimination" of the. The first measure of this new operating system is to engage in direct sales chain and to join the chain of direct management; This is an important pioneer of Nokia. On the other hand, Gree dealers play inside - and the lesson of losing customers to us is here. Of course, we are greatly encouraged by the success of Nuoci, which has injected a brand new vitality into this format. Third, the order, Peihuo: directly controlled by the headquarters Nuoqi combined with China's national conditions, engage in direct chain franchise and franchise chain management, but not the general direct operation of the traditional. The main feature of Nuoci's "Consumer" mode of operation is that the team is directly managed by the dedicated team at the headquarters to directly connect the stores with the headquarters; the headquarters is directly controlled by users; thus, the "battalion" of enterprises in all aspects of the entire enterprise is guaranteed. With the customer's "consumer" seamless docking. Since 2001, when implementing the construction of an internal information system, Knoch does not allow stores to directly order, distribute and cancel their pricing rights. All these functions are integrated by the headquarters. In this way, all sales data of the direct sales stores are centralized to the headquarters, and after analysis, feedback to the purchasing department, and then guide the procurement, tracking the progress of supplier production, delivery orders to the logistics center, etc. In short, the entire order Have a special inspection, inspection of goods; the entire operation in accordance with the hands of users of the headquarters of the message (user) will work. Fourth, the general membership system: a direct grasp of customer Noci membership system, a wide range of in-depth, comprehensive collection of all the guests to the store purchase information, and thus in-depth consumer actual consumer life, which is Nuoqi PFM (parity, popularity, Diverse) ideas and mechanisms. According to the customer's feedback, the price of their products is set at about one-third of the price of similar products. Through the imitation and transformation of fashion and style, the basic renovation completed the round within half a month and quickly realized the innovation of clothing styles. V. Developing the Market: Developing User Consumption Elements How to exploit the market today, developing the consumer market is to develop a new generation of user base and to develop new life elements for new (old) users, becoming the most important focus for CEOs in their successful operation Forefront, the core issue. Knock mode excellence in this area. The reason why they win in the chain business, the key lies in the "consumer market," the discovery of new elements of user life. On the one hand, the new feature of the era when people started to face the internet outburst and the means of elimination dominated by customer-facing stores have become important magic devices for Noci to confront its competitors. Because apparel sales is a process that needs to be felt on the spot, if the customer makes a purchase on the web, the apparel, the style, the size and the picture are simply not able to really experience the effect they wear out. On the other hand, to nurture managers who know more about "cancellation" operators and cultivate operators who understand the "elimination" market more is the fundamental guarantee that Nuoci can acquire talents. Nuoqi company system provides that if a shop assistant can not cultivate two shop assistant, will not be promoted to manager; a manager can not cultivate 2-3 manager, will not be promoted to long-term regional manager; and if the regional manager can not help With the band can not become a manager or company manager.

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