Reasonable use of cleaning methods to extend the life of home textiles

Reasonable use of cleaning methods to extend the life of home textiles

There are many fabrics for home textile products, such as silk, wool, cotton and so on. Different cleaning methods should be used for different fabrics to ensure the integrity of the material over a long period of time and increase the service life.

Silk use and washing:

Silk is no better than low-grade natural fibers such as cotton and linen. When using and washing, please be sure to flatten your nails to avoid sharp objects being scratched.

1. It is best to use silk hair lotion to deal with it. All major washing brands have such products. Neutral detergent (such as silk hair, shower gel), not soaked

2. Dark silk has the characteristics of discoloration, please be sure to wash it separately.

3. Washing with cold water, hand washing, gentle hand washing, not machine washable, recommended dry cleaning

4. Avoid direct sunlight when drying, strong sunlight can easily make the silk fade and old. Dry in a cool place, do not expose to the sun, do not dry

5. Once the air is dried to half dry, shake it again to avoid the ironing process.

Wool blanket use and precautions

When washing, you can send a special store for routine dry cleaning or gold mulberry silk to be hand-washed with a neutral detergent at home. For household dry cleaning, first inject warm water of about 30 degrees Celsius into the container, add appropriate amount of neutral detergent, and put the blanket into the blanket. Soak in the container, soak for about 20 minutes, then gently wash it carefully, so that the dirt in the blanket is released, go to the sewage, rinse repeatedly with water, squeeze out the water, and then dry it, in daily use, The blanket should always be bathed in the sun, and gently tapped, so that the sweat, dust and dander sticking to the blanket are removed, and the fluff is carefully combed to keep the blanket clean, fluffy and soft. The blanket should be folded flat into the cabinet or in the bag to prevent squeezing, and the texture of the felt can be kept elastic and the care is better.

Use and maintenance of duvets

Down does not need to be cleaned. If it is stained, it should be washed with dry cleaning or sent to the dry cleaner. Do not rub with hard and pointed objects to avoid abrasion or hooking the fabric, causing the feather to overflow. To protect the duvet, it is best to use a duvet for one to two weeks to turn it over. Do not expose it to the sun. Dry it at a temperature not exceeding 30 degrees Celsius.

Chemical fiber use and precautions

If it is stained, it should be washed with dry cleaning or sent to the dry cleaner. Because the adsorption performance of Walsdan chemical fiber material is general, washing can reduce the bulkiness and affect the warmth performance. Therefore, it is not recommended to wash, not with hard and sharp objects. Friction, so as not to damage the fabric, causing the filler to overflow. When using, it is necessary to add a cover such as a quilt cover. The chemical fiber needs to be turned over once every two to four times to keep the quilt in good condition.

Blanket series use and precautions

After long-term use or multiple washings, the fluff changes slightly, but does not affect the soft and bright color. Machine wash rolls the blanket into the net bag and puts it into the washing machine. It is cleaned under normal temperature with normal household detergent. Dry after drying, do not use the cage drying, do not iron, hand wash: put the blanket flat into the bathtub, use general household detergent, soak for 20-30 minutes at room temperature, gently squeeze by hand Or foot, after the cleaning is finished, squeeze the water to dry, naturally dry, not ironing.

Pillow core series use and precautions

If it is stained, it should be washed with dry cleaning or sent to a dry cleaner. Washing may reduce the bulkiness (for a general pillow). When using it, you need to add a pillowcase and other covers. The chemical fiber needs to be turned over once every two weeks. Such as: sponge pillow, latex pillow, can not be sunburned in the sun, will change color, natural ventilation, such as health pillows, raw materials (such as lavender - can take out the raw materials ventilation, drying, can not be stored in wet places. Compression pillow The core type can not be compressed for a long time, and it can be opened for three to four weeks. If it is not opened for a long time, it will reduce the bulkiness. Generally, the company will urgently produce urgent delivery, and its resilience will remain. A little longer.

Use and washing of linen mats:

It should be noted that when washing hemp products, high-quality hemp fabrics are pre-shrinked before being produced, and the shrinkage rate is generally 3%. However, most of them are not shrinkage treated, and there will be shrinkage after washing. The general shrinkage rate is about 10%, and some will be more serious. When washing, it is best to use dry cleaning.

The linen mat can be used not only in the four seasons, but also because the collection is quite simple. Just like a general blanket, it can be washed and folded in the cabinet. And the true quality linen mat has a service life of more than 10 years.

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