Business gifts "re-faced, but also to re-lizi"

Business gifts "re-faced, but also to re-lizi"

Business gifts have increasingly focused on practical uses in recent years. The gift-giving unit does not want every gift to be shelved and can be used effectively by the recipient. Therefore, among the current business gifts, some small gifts are commonly seen, such as perpetual calendar, small desk calendar, advertising umbrella, mug, etc. However, it is rare to see large gifts such as crystals and ornaments, which are expensive but not commonly used.

The business gifts presented by various companies can be mainly divided into three types:

First, reflect the company's cultural gifts can reflect the corporate culture of business gifts, can allow old customers or business partners in receiving gifts immediately think of your company's production of the brand and corporate image. For example, it is a good choice to use an activated carbon carving with a corporate name as a business gift. Activated carbon carving can fully contact the air pollution gas (impurity), has a very strong absorption performance, easy to absorb and store from home, The toxic and harmful gases such as formaldehyde and benzene series that are emitted from decoration, building materials, and automotive decoration materials are not only that, but activated carbon can also purify harmful gases into fresh air. Charcoal sculpture not only displays the image of the giver but also brings a healthy experience to the recipient. With the deepening of the concept of environmental protection, this beautiful and environmentally friendly gift has become the first choice for many companies to choose business gifts.

Second, the use of value and commemorative significance business gifts The second is the use of value and commemorative significance of the items, can be renewed and become a witness of time. For example, tin devices, which are widely used and popular among people, are becoming gifts for many business people. According to the author's analysis, tin metal itself has some excellent characteristics. First, tin is harmless to the human body. Tin tinplate is widely used in food packaging, and fine chocolate is wrapped in tin foil. These are the best proofs. Second, there are many unique features of tin-made living vessels. Tin tea cans have good sealing properties and can maintain the color and aroma of tea for a long time. Tin beer mugs have a wide range of applications due to their rapid heat transfer. . Therefore, the tinware enjoys the reputation of being “watery and sweet, full of wine and alcohol, and having a constant tea taste and flower arrangement for a long time”. Third, in addition to its beautiful metallic color, tin also has good ductility and processing properties. Various vessels and artistic ornaments made of tin can realistically reflect the creativity of each detail, making tin crafts lifelike and elegant. Touching, these characteristics are unmatched by any other metal crafts.

Third, business gifts with advertising color office supplies The third type is actually with advertising color office supplies, is mainly presented to the company's business is not interested or understanding of potential customers and partners. For example, you can send a potential notepad to a potential customer. The cover of this notepad can be stamped with the name of your company. The company profile, product description, and contact telephone number are printed on the inside page. Although the price is not expensive, it is enough for the person who receives the gift to take a look at the advertisement above. There are also some businesses that arrange business travel. They present some keychains and membership cards. The card shows the telephone number and the customer code for the check-in reservation of a certain hotel chain. The person who receives the gift can use it for one night free of charge. Happy life.

Some companies also have ever-changing and whimsical ways of giving gifts. A company that specializes in the production of scarves this year presents selected customers and partners with embroidered names on scarves. The people who receive the gifts are curious and feel that you are ingenuity. Of course, the fabrics are all silk. Being able to receive such a gift will be fresh and memorable to everyone.

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