Wish Karen Fort fashion home service and Shandong Huaifang franchisee successful signing

Wish Karen Fort fashion home service and Shandong Huaifang franchisee successful signing

A dollar back, Vientiane update! With the blooming of the last beautiful fireworks of the Lantern Festival, the Spring Festival in 2012 is over. We have ushered in a brand new 2012, Shenzhen KRLLOBO (Karen Fort) brand home service new year start, again force! Today, Karen Fort Merchants welcome news, Shandong Huaibei Franchisee successful contract Karen Fort home service, Karen Fort brought a good start to the New Year, which indicates that 2012 Karen Fort is set to make new glories! Here, I wish Karen Fort Shandong Huaifang store opened smoothly, the business is booming!


KRLLOBO (Karen Fort) committed to the life of the city's elite to provide stylish, comfortable high-quality home lifestyle clothing; Looking to the future, KRLLOBO (Karen Fort) adhere to the management of "fashion home life" as the core brand, relying on the brand Construction, deep plowing channels, promote culture and other means, and strive to create a professional, stylish, diversified home lifestyle apparel leading brands.

Brand concept: Karen Fort - love "still" life

Brand positioning: fashion, taste, health and comfort


Consumer groups targeting:

As a fashion high-grade KRLLOBO (Karen Fort) consumer groups, she (he) or have a heyday of career, or the admiration of high-level white-collar workers, or advocating free SOHO family; no matter what kind of lifestyle, her (He) are all elite people who are full of confidence, love life, pay attention to the quality of life, the pursuit of quality lifestyle, know how to spoil their own.

Product Style (Overview):

The products are widely used in silk, satin, cotton, bamboo and other natural texture, with the perfect combination of neat tailoring and fashion colors, revealing a strong sense of the modern city, showing a stylish, healthy, taste, comfortable high-quality image; unique Design home warm and romantic dress and dress together, truly reflect the fashion and taste of home clothing.

1, exquisite bewitching system; 2, fashion taste; 3, Department of leisure and dynamic; 4, fashion men's department; 5,

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