How to skillfully calm the anger of customers?

How to skillfully calm the anger of customers?

[China Glass Network] Description: Have you ever encountered this situation: the customer is very irrational or angry, he refuses any rational and logical advice. Here are seven suggestions that will allow you to calm down your emotions and reach an agreement with you. Seven effective service tips to guide customers to calm down and work with you.

Have you ever encountered this situation: the client is very irrational or angry, and he rejects any rational and logical advice. Here are seven suggestions that will allow you to calm down your emotions and reach an agreement with you.

1. Cooperation

First of all, you need to find a point that both sides agree with, such as: "I have a suggestion, are you willing to listen?" This is to let him agree with your proposal, and this proposal is neutral.

2. What do you want me to do?

Usually we think we know what other people think. We believe that we have the ability to explore the depths of other people's brains. Why not ask the other person's thoughts? Only when the other party describes its ideas, can we really be sure that we can reach a solution acceptable to both parties.

3, paper clip strategy

This is a small skill to gain recognition, and is told by an experienced frontline service provider. When receiving an emotional customer, he will ask the customer to hand him something such as a paper clip, pen and paper. When the customer handed it to him, he immediately thanked the other person and gradually created a kind of between them. A harmonious atmosphere. He uses this method several times, each time effectively guiding the customer into a state of mutual cooperation and agreement.

4, judo
Now that you understand his situation, you can seize the opportunity to reverse the situation and use the pressure he has imposed on you. You can say, "I am very glad that you told me these questions. I believe that other people will be like this in the same way. Please allow me to ask a question now. Do you think this is the way to deal with your mind,... ”

5. Inquiry about "needs"

The customer asks you for an electric drill that can be drilled in the glass. This is his need. If you just try to meet this demand, you lose the opportunity to meet your needs more effectively. “Needs” is the reason behind “demand”. The reason why customers want this kind of electric drill is to punch holes in the glass; it is because the pipe needs to be extended out of the window and so on. You should try to meet the needs of your customers – is there a better way to get out of the window? Not just at the level that meets the customer's needs, the electric drill is given to him. We often find that the requirements put forward by customers are not necessarily in line with his needs, because we are experts and can help customers in this regard, which is also a place that reflects our professional value.

Usually when you ask the other person's question, the other person will always have an answer. If you ask them why, they will tell you the prepared answer. However, only if you follow this answer again and again, they will tell you the real reason, and you will have a solution to meet the customer's "needs". The question of a better inquiry is to ask a few more "why."

6, manage each other's expectations

When you explain to him what you can do and what you can't do, you should start managing your expectations. Don't just tell him what you can't do, like: "I can't do this, I can only do this." Most people make the mistake of telling each other what we can't do. This kind of mistake is like asking you to ask someone about time. He answers you: "Now it is not 11 o'clock, nor is it noon." Please tell the customer directly what he can expect you to do?

7, thanks

Thanks for being more important than apology, thank you for telling him his questions so that you can better serve him; thank him for pointing out your problems and helping you improve your work; thank him for calling and you feel very happy to communicate with him. Customer complaints often stem from our mistakes, and customer anger often stems from our indifference and shirking. So before he calls, he will expect this to be a tough showdown, and your sincere gratitude is greatly out of his expectations, and his mood will soon be calmed down.

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