How shoe companies control the transition inflection point

How shoe companies control the transition inflection point

With the blowout of the brand market, local sports brands represented by the Jinjiang brand have achieved extraordinary development. In people's minds, the rise of local sports brands is inseparable from the generous investment of resources, the strong desire to shape the brand, and the instinctive imitation of the cottage-style imitation. Formed special steps, Jordan, Peak, Anta, 361 degrees, elegant birds, Hongxing Erke and many other sports brands represented by the Jinjiang line as the development path.

However, this development path has reached a critical point. “After the Beijing Olympics, the Chinese sports market has become a blowout, and the competition upgrades and marketing upgrades brought about by market expansion have pushed the competition in the sporting goods industry to the extreme. However, since 2009, they have been relying on shops and channels to create more stores. The pattern of growth has encountered a bottleneck and reached a critical point. There is still room for a vertical increase in the ability to increase brand premium,” said a veteran who has been engaged in sports consulting for many years. At the same time, people in the industry also pointed out: "The poor are thinking of change." When relying on the channels of shops and the original path of multiple stores, they can only find new paths.

Follow the trend and innovation competition In fact, the pressure on local sports brands is not only from international brands such as Nike and Adidas. Because the homogeneity of the brand is serious, and most of them are positioned between sports and leisure, the “dogs” that sell “leisure” and sell leisure are not feasible. To continue development, it is necessary to divide more professionally, tap deeper sports spirit, truly emphasize the connotation of sports, and highlight the sports brand itself.

Founded in 2002, the elegant bird sports brand, from the initial follow-up brand to the later independence, continued exploration and advancement, solid foundation for sustainable development. In the past three years, the noble bird has been leaning against the front and has gone against the trend. From 2008, "the elegant bird is unstoppable," to 2009, "life is a kind of sport" and then to "2010." "Happy sports", a series of brand promotion strategies, the noble bird brand gradually deep into the movement of the DNA - "happy sport" up, and the "happy sport" this new sports culture concept, implanted in the hearts of consumers . In the highly competitive sports goods market, the elegant bird brand has set a higher level with a high degree of differentiation and individuality.

When the "Sports Star + CCTV Advertising" campaign of China's sports brands suffered aesthetic fatigue, a series of intimate humorous advertisements quietly ignited the curiosity of consumers: Retired grandfather defeated table tennis masters, pure beauty girls beat tennis days ... When these seemingly impossible things happened, the brand "beloved, who is afraid of" of the elegant bird became deeply rooted in the hearts of the audience. Asia's "new trapeze" Lao Yi is the most vivid interpretation of "sports pleasure".

“At the moment, such as 'winning, honing, challenging, celebrities, heroes', etc., are the demands of most sports brands at home and abroad. Most of them are full of pressure and permeate competition. How to stand out through differentiated brand positioning has always been an elegant bird. With the development of our country’s economy and the improvement of people’s living standards, especially after the Beijing Olympics in 2008, the concept of national fitness and sports in favor of fitness and health has been increasingly recognized by the public. In the background, the elegant bird found a new field in the sports market - happiness, in the 'Golden Triangle' consisting of the three cores of 'sports', 'fashion' and 'happy', 'joy' stood at the top, and noble birds took 'sports' Happy's differentiated brand promotion direction has established a distinct brand personality, said Lin Tianfu, chairman of the noble bird, in an earlier interview. “An elegant bird has re-adjusted its development orientation. The next step will be to establish professional sports brand attributes and establish a brand's personality image style, which will lay a foundation for the brand's future development; at the same time, it will strengthen communication with young consumers and help brand rejuvenation.”

Transformation is a turning point in development After several decades of rapid development of shoe-making enterprises in the eastern coast of China, it has reached an inflection point of industrial upgrading, adjustment and transformation. Relatively saturated capital in coastal areas, the local market has been unable to meet the needs of capital appreciation, and enterprises are facing land and labor. The supply of energy and other production factors has tightened, the cost has been rising, the pressure for industrial upgrading has increased, and business costs have remained high. In the face of many problems, more and more companies have made inward choices. However, in order to achieve a new industrial structure, we have to face such issues as whether the industrial chain is complete, whether the logistics system is complete, whether the investment environment is mature, and how non-market factors affect it. In response, Lin Tianfu said: In the context of the internationalization of the Chinese market and the integration of the international market, for the company's continued operations and further development, Guiren Bird plans to move the company's marketing, R&D, and branding departments from Jinjiang to the economy. Xiamen, which is more developed and more productive factors. This is mainly due to the long-term consideration of brand development and the consideration of occupying the market at a higher level and occupying the commanding heights of the region: First, attracting more high-end talents at home and abroad, which will bring huge effects; Second, Xiamen has With a convenient transportation network and information platform, enterprises can fully integrate and allocate resources, and accelerate the circulation of logistics, information flow, and capital flow. Third, after the company becomes bigger, it hopes to use the capital to complete the transition to a standardized modern enterprise, and can fully demonstrate the enterprise. Image, corporate brand, corporate culture and entrepreneurial spirit.

On the other hand, Guiren Bird has always insisted on continuous R&D and innovation. In recent years, it has also intensified the development of new technology products. It invests tens of millions of yuan each year in product development, and focuses on the development of personalized and fashionable products, leading the development of various types of products. The new models and new products can develop an average of 200 balances per month and reach 3,000 a year.

It is understood that the noble birds are currently actively preparing for listing in accordance with relevant requirements. Lin Tianfu said: "The listing of noble birds is not for the sake of one's harvest, but for the better sowing of enterprises; not for the end of the past, but the beginning of the long-term future; is for companies to obtain capital, regulate the operation, attract talents In order to realize more rapid development and sustainable management, listing is to let the noble birds really train their internal strengths, do a good job in strategic planning, create value for the society, shareholders and employees, get the recognition of the public and investors, is to be expensive birds. Brand cultivation has become a new industry benchmark in the domestic capital market. Through the efforts of all of us, Guiren Bird has become a company closely watched by the majority of Chinese investors and institutional investors, further deepening the brand recognition of noble birds in the eyes of consumers and enhancing Brand influence".

From foundry to brand building, the local sports brand represented by the Jinjiang Department turned a gorgeous turn. This allowed local sports brands to accumulate capital for the international sports brand after years of accumulation, but the local sports brand was forced to fail. In the middle of a roundabout situation, it will take another gorgeous turn. However, how will the local sports brand with a scale of 10 billion turns? Ebb Tide, who will be eliminated by the next wave, who will accomplish? We will wait and see.


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