Jade Bracelet Collection Investment Note Details

Jade Bracelet Collection Investment Note Details

The jade bracelet is a jade-like noodle product. The good jade is a jargon in the jade industry. Therefore, the jade bracelet has a high collection and investment value, and the market needs to be very high. Therefore, investing in a jade bracelet is a good choice, but it also needs attention. The following details:

Jade bracelet

The color and variety of jadeite have a crucial impact on its price, and the majority of collectors have already reached a consensus. In addition, the shape of the jade has a great influence on the price of jade, especially the price of medium and high-grade jade, and this is often overlooked by everyone. In the jade of the same color, a jade with a shape that is very full, round, square, and symmetrical will be several times more expensive. So for the jade bracelet, the shape is also very important.

Jade bracelets come in a variety of shapes. The bracelet is wide, thin, round or oval, round or flat. The size of the ring has an impact on the price. The width of the bracelet refers to the width of the strip. The width of the narrow bracelet is less than 10 mm and the width is 15 mm. It is conceivable that a piece of jade material can be cut out. The thin bracelet may cut 3 pieces, and the thickness may only be 2 pieces. It is a high-priced raw material, and the price reflected on the bracelet is revealed. There is also the thickness of the bracelet, the same reason, the same raw materials, thick bracelets with more materials, the price is naturally relatively high.

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