Pretty big belly wearing high heels hidden 6 hazards

Pretty big belly wearing high heels hidden 6 hazards

[This site - shoes and life] artist Pace Wu pregnant more than 8 months, 25th as a beautiful mother to take the opportunity to attend his own beauty book presentation, happy face to share her mother's life. Chi Xiaobo, who loves Taiwan’s tens of billions of dollars worth of money, has always been quite high-profile, but he is not good because of the pressure on boys. Pecchi is already preparing for a boy. Although the first child was a girl, she had already made her join the giants. After entering the giants, Pace said that she would reduce her workload in the future.

Experts in the study found that many pregnant women after 3 months of pregnancy, began to edema in the lower part of the big toe, to 6 months, all feet will swell like a "flat foot." The edema of the feet and legs is more prominent in the later stages of pregnancy. Even when walking, it is difficult to balance. Six hazards for pregnant women wearing high heels:

1. After a woman becomes pregnant, her weight increases and her body's center of gravity moves forward because her stomach grows day by day. This not only increases the burden on the lower back muscles and feet when standing or walking, but also causes the body to become unstable.

2. In addition, pregnant women's venous return often due to pregnancy will be necessarily affected, standing too long or walking far, the feet often have differences in the extent of edema, this time wearing high heels due to soles, uppers, parenting knowledge , Hernia in the blood circulation of the lower extremities, had differences in the degree of edema of both feet, so that pregnant women caused by edema of the lower extremities more severe.

Said: "The old tree health care from the beginning of pregnancy, old people from the feet." Modern medicine believes that the activities of the feet, can have the whole body to stimulate the skeletal muscle activities, thereby helping the heart to speed up blood circulation. Therefore, the foot has the name of "the third heart." Foot health is often inseparable from shoes. For pregnant women, feet and shoes are more than important. In terms of the overall environment, when women become pregnant, their body types change, their stomachs increase day by day, and their weight increases. The body's center of gravity moves forward. In normal life, when standing or walking, you need to change your posture. In order to maintain the balance of the body. During this special period, pregnant women put on high-heeled shoes, which is not only unsuitable for identity, but also for prenatal and postnatal care.

3 pregnant women to wear high heels, in the process of walking sideways, in order to maintain a balanced body, it will spontaneously lumbar forward, thoracic spine, so that increased spinal curvature, often induced by tired, backache increased, hernia in health .

It is best for pregnant women to wear soft-soled shoes and travel shoes. These shoes have outstanding flexibility and easy torturing. They also have certain elasticity. They can be changed with the shape of the feet. Therefore, they are comfortable to wear and can walk lightly and can reduce the burden on pregnant women. , and can avoid falling and other unfavorable factors.

4. Pregnant women to wear high heels, it is easy to make the uterus fall physiological, bladder pressure, a long time, it will trigger urinary frequency, and postpartum uterine prolapse, so that the pelvis tilted, hernia in the back of Linfen.

5. Pregnant women wearing high-heeled shoes will cause the weight of the body to be excessively concentrated on the palms of the feet, resulting in excessive back extension of the toes. When the length is too long, it is easy to change the shape of the feet. In severe environments, it may also constitute flat-foot disease.

6. It is pregnant women who wear high heels. Due to the change of endocrine, the body's bones will have different levels of osteoporosis, which will seriously affect the health of various parts of the body. (Cooperative Media: Garment Collocation)

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