Han Lier underwear chain, creating profit-making high ground

Han Lier underwear chain, creating profit-making high ground

Site News News, in the second quarter of this year underwear to join the industry earnings report, we find that, Han Keli'er lingerie company's profitability indicators are ahead of the industry average, is beyond the traditional sense of a lot of well-known Quality underwear chain joined the brand. In this underwear affiliate industry earnings report, the industry collected about the top 50 underwear affiliate brand integrated sales index in the first quarter. Integrated with the number of franchisees, store operating profitability, product sales and other comprehensive data, to integrate a comprehensive measure of underwear to join the industry to consolidate the overall profitability of the report. As one of the top ten brands in the history of Q4 for many consecutive quarters, it is the leading brand in the industry to create profits. In the first quarter of this year, the index for Qantas has even created the highest level in the same period Profitability, which no doubt thanks to rising brand strength and consumer trust for Cynique.


Han Lyle 2013 spring and summer

From the data report, in the second quarter of this year, the average profitability index of the stores in various regions of Korea underwear company surpassed 30% of the same period of last year, which is closely related to the continuous improvement of the economic situation. From the perspective of Cheryl, the continued accumulation of the consumers of Cheryl also contributed to major lingerie stores the main reason for the steadily rising performance. There is also a time factor can not be ignored, as a quarter of the quarter, underwear affiliate store in the clothing business naturally have a greater growth, which explains why the major stores this quarter, the main source of sales revenue In underwear service.


Han Lyle 2013 spring and summer

In the next quarter of the work, Han Lyle underwear company that we have to do is continue to work hard, to a more service status to greet our franchisee and consumer friends. Whether it is the face of competition from the outside world, or negative news industry, we must always adhere to the original intention of service, and strive to become the best in the industry!

Han Lier underwear chain, to create profit-making high ground, we invite you along the way!

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