K. purely show women's 2013 autumn and winter orders will come to an end

K. purely show women's 2013 autumn and winter orders will come to an end

K. Pure Fashion, a fashion brand from Hong Kong, ended in the fall / winter fair at the company's headquarters on July 5-7, Dealers from all over the country, franchisees, etc. participated in this order meeting. At the conference, they released the latest autumn / winter apparel brand new designs and high quality products according to the latest season of K. Pure show, winning the unanimous approval of the customers present. Everyone is full of confidence in this autumn and winter clothing strong sales!


K. purely according to the show brand apparel is Yap Sau (Hong Kong) Industrial Co., Ltd. founded the apparel brand . Marketing headquarters in mainland China Humen clothing city, and set up factories, offices and wholesale stalls. The main production and operation of Japan and South Korea series of women's fashion. After eight years of hard work and continuous exploration, K. purely show brand excellence in the pulse of fashion, with its unique style of products become a genre, widely accepted and loved by fashion women. Years of integrity management, marketing network has now covered all the domestic cities and Hong Kong, Taiwan and Southeast Asia.


K. Pure show welcomes the broad masses of old and new customers wholesale, join, agent, and to undertake domestic and foreign customers OEM OEM version of the sample build. Continuous improvement Continuous innovation is the driving force of pure development by K. We will continue our efforts to serialize the products and continuously develop more and better apparel products. Warmly looking forward to joining people of insight throughout the country K. pure show, a total of women's business opportunities.

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