Opallan "Star of the Future" original costume design exhibition is about to open

Opallan "Star of the Future" original costume design exhibition is about to open

The Future Star of Opollan is a stage for cutting-edge designers from the School of Design to display their talents and showcase their own works. It enhances dialogues and exchanges with all walks of life with the aim of finding and shaping excellent designers with professional qualities and social values . It is a great opportunity for designers to realize their dreams. The current Opallan "Star of the Future" original fashion design exhibition, the exhibition is a graduation project of outstanding graduates of Shenzhen University.

Exhibition time: 7. 10 days - 25 days Venue: OCT Creative Park in Shenzhen O Pulan slave art living museum, then we look forward to appreciation!

- Ophellano, the leader of women's romantic life -

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